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Keeping Calm in Turbulent Markets

Our ethos at County is that a healthy attitude to investing is as important for mental wellbeing as daily exercise is essential for a healthy body.

​Markets do recover

Global markets experienced more than two quarters of losses and investors are hurting. We have a message of hope, however, which put quite simply is that markets do recover.

Sowing and Reaping

We encourage our clients, to be generous with their time and finances. A significant part of our client meetings is spent encouraging aspirational and abundant living to enjoy the fruits of hard work.

​​Spring Statement 2022

The Chancellor of the Exchequer gave his Spring Statement to Parliament on 23 March. He needed to be seen to be responsive and we’ve summarised some key takeaways from his Statement.

Digital Currency

Cryptocurrency began with a vision to create a digital-only form of money or currency which could be transacted without the need for third parties such as banks or governments.

Portfolio and Markets Update

Whilst we remain very pleased with the short, medium and long term performance of the discretionary investment managers we work with, we felt it would be helpful to address recent market volatility.

Creating an abundant life

We're suggesting that we  substitute the term “new normal” with the more fulfilling-sounding “abundant life”? What opportunities are available? What would an “abundant life” look like for you?

New Horizons

Covid and lockdowns have taught us that we can be more adaptable than we thought. Many of us have used this time in a good way, to look forward and make new plans and learn new skills.

Happy New (Tax) Year!

6 April is the start of the tax year and also a good time to “Spring clean”. Perhaps, as well as getting out the dusters and paint brushes, you might consider what you would like your own plans to be?

​Spring Budget 2021:​

We offer some key financial pointers for both savers and investors on matters from Standard Lifetime Allowance, ISA annual subscription limits, Inheritance Tax and Stamp Duty Holiday

Financial Scams

Sadly, cyber criminals remain active through the pandemic. Financial scams look and sound legitimate, which is why it’s easy to be tricked. We urge everyone to be on their guard and remain vigilant.

NS&I ​reduce rates

National Savings & Investments (NS&I) announced a reduction in interest rates that will apply to their variable rate products and also to some fixed term products on maturity.

The Bank of Mum & Dad

Many parents are keen to help their offspring to get a foot on the property ladder but before you hand over your hard-earned cash to your children, there are some important issues to consider.

Negative interest rates

As the UK continues to emerge from lockdown, there is real uncertainty. The Bank of England Governor, has suggested negative interest rates may be needed as part of the response to the pandemic.

Things to do during lockdown

You may find yourself with some available downtime during this period. It may be a worthwhile exercise to put your basic wealth planning "house in order" with the help of a simple checklist.

​Spring Budget 2020

The Chancellor of the Exchequer  Rishi Sunak, presented his Budget to Parliament on Wednesday 11 March 2020. We’ve highlighted some key points of interest for savers and investors.


The idea of planning seems simple enough, yet one of the key challenges we have in life is not only to plan, but also to maintain that plan as and when circumstances change.

Leave the worrying to us

We would encourage you to spend more time thinking about what you are going to do with your life and money, rather than being concerned about the short term impact of markets on your investments.


We have been recommending Discretionary Investment Management for over 11 years. This is a risk management strategy that mixes a variety of investments within a portfolio.

Inheritance Tax Planning

We recently ran an Inheritance Tax Workshop to consider this subject in more detail. We wanted to make the topic more practical, rather than just simply looking at Allowances and Tax Avoidance.

Turning a dream into reality

Part of our role is to encourage people to continue to dream, even as they in retirement. We describe retirement as the start of something and we helped a couple turn their dream into a reality.

Time to spread your wings?

We've been wondering if a better time to consider a Resolution is not New Year when it is cold and dark, but the new Tax Year in April, when nature makes you feel more inclined to get up and about.

Timing the Market or Time in the Market

When the markets fluctuate it is just as important to remember why you are investing, as well as considering what you are invested in.

Getting Your House in Order

While politicians in Westminster are struggling to put our UK “house” in order, perhaps this is a good time for you to try and do the same at home, especially when it comes to financial matters.

Autumn Budget Statement

Mr Hammond  produced the sort of ‘giveaway’ Budget not seen for some time, including extra cash for the NHS, Defence, Mental Health and Universal Credit. There was even some money for Potholes!

Principle or Profit?

What about ethical choices for investing money. It is here that the impact can be higher, so is there a price to pay in terms of performance? Can a company be ‘green’ without being “in the red”?

Poor planning is an opportunity missed

A study published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies found that when individuals retire, many are not drawing down as much wealth as they could.

It’s officially Summer

Brexit appears to be hanging over the Stock Markets with comments about ‘wait and see’ and ‘treading water’. We continue to monitor the situation with our Discretionary Fund Managers.

Avoiding scams

A survey from Action Fraud, the National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre, showed that £1.2bn is lost to investment scams in the UK every year and experienced investors are often targeted.

The New Tax Year

The new Tax Year is upon us and we have a chance to make a difference with a few allowance changes to consider, not least the continued tapering of the Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB).

Our Allowances are changing

Whilst we  had no Spring Budget this year, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t things we need to consider as we head towards and then past the tax year end. Allowances are changing and some are going.

Your own 'State of the Nation'.

Spring is a time of the year when evenings get lighter and the weather gets warmer and people reflect a little. Perhaps this is also a good time to do your own ‘State of the Nation’ planning.

2018 Financial Resolutions

At the beginning a new year, you might make a few resolutions (which before long slip somewhat?). Therefore, why not consider a few Financial Resolutions.

Buy-to-let. A good investment?

The biggest winners from the budget were first time buyers with changes to Stamp Duty. Details concerning all the key changes that affect savers and investors are detailed for your information.

Cash is king – or is it?

Holding money in savings accounts and failing to invest in the stock market has cost the UK’s working adult population a staggering £94 billion over the past five years, says a new report.

Buy-to-let. A good investment?

Investing in buy-to-let property has generated very good returns over the last two decades. However, a number of factors are changing and it may no longer be such a solid long term investment.

The value of good advice

At County Financial we have always believed in the value of good financial advice, but it is still very encouraging when that opinion is reiterated by some independent research.

General Election results 2017

One of our investment partners, Brooks Macdonald, reminds us that a focus on diversifying client portfolios can provide positive returns at times of heightened political uncertainty.

Do elections effect investments

In the run up to the 2017 General Election, County Financial considers whether elections mean anything significant when it comes to making decisions regarding our investments?


The new Tax Year has arrived, and with it, we have a new allowance. Please welcome to the Residence Nil Rate Band.
So what does this new allowance, (the RNRB), look like?

2017 Spring Budget

Have a look in a little more detail at some of the changes made and try to fathom out some of the decisions that were made by Chancellor Philip Hammond both on the day and subsequently.

Pensions make a comeback

Many Salary Sacrifice arrangements are going to be taxed as if they were income and this means that the humble Pension plan is starting to rise to the top of the pile again.

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