​Creating an abundant life

At County, we have recently tried to resist the phrase “new normal”.

This is probably because of some of the associations that might be conjured up by the phrase. Whilst we may still find ourselves in a world that is somewhat more restricted than pre-pandemic, we can all still find opportunity presenting itself.

So perhaps we could substitute the term “new normal” with the more fulfilling-sounding “abundant life”? What would an “abundant life” look like for you?

As summer draws to a close, restaurants and pubs have re-opened, sporting and music venues are filling up and people are starting to go about their business as usual. Many businesses are embracing more flexible working patterns for their employees which, for many, has meant an improved work/life balance, more time with family and less time in traffic or on public transport. This is one example of some of the positives brought about by lockdown from which we at County have greatly benefitted, but over the months, we’ve also been really gratified to hear some outstanding stories of initiatives undertaken by our clients to advance their sense of community and family, but also taking responsibility for their mental and physical health. 

During conversations with clients, we will of course be considering some of the impacts of the pandemic, including the implications of significant spikes in energy prices, general inflation, plans for the State Pension “Triple Lock” being removed and National Insurance increases, amongst other curve balls which will surely be on the horizon. However, these challenges will not and never will be the focus of our planning. 

Instead, our passion and planning will be to focus on what will help you to create an “abundant life”?

Rather than allowing issues to obstruct the path of your dreams, why not ask yourself how you can make a difference, not only to your own circumstances, but for those around you. Some questions you could think about are:

  • Why not progress that new hobby that you have been developing?
  • Why not help a local charity to maintain that sense of community?
  • Why not embrace the opportunities that are offered to you?
  • And most importantly, why not turn your dreams into memories?

There will be challenges ahead as we continue our journey through life and some may be out of our control and so will simply need to be managed. As John F Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”. 

So, let’s not get “back to normal” or even a “new normal” and instead, let’s think:

What would an “abundant life” look like?

We hope you have found the above helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Looking to new Horizons

Whilst the last 15 months have left us feeling as though widespread change has affected many things across our lives, it is interesting to consider whether things have really changed that much. Are things different or are we just doing the same things differently?

For example, for those people who have maintained employment, the work they do may be broadly the same, but their environment may have changed. For example, they might now work from home or if they are back in the office, perhaps their office contains less desks than it used to, but overall their work is likely to be unchanged.

For those retired from paid work, some may still have spent time with family, even during the strictest lockdowns. This just took place in a different format - by phone, Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams, etc. We even heard of families meeting up for ”virtual” Friday afternoon tea! Whilst we must acknowledge that for many people, things changed enormously, others have continued doing what they always did, but have changed how they do it.

As we move forwards, perhaps now is a good time to consider some change. The last 15 months have certainly forced us all to change our plans. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Plans have to be flexible; they have to incorporate the possibility of change. How often has a diversion sign on a journey actually taken us past a lovely gastro pub that we didn’t know about before? Whilst the initial change to our plan could seem as though it will present us with a problem, it can often generate an opportunity that we hadn’t considered before.

Therefore, at County, what we hope to do is to encourage people to look forward to how it will be, rather than looking back at what it was. Let’s face it, the quickest way to become an old dog is to stop learning new tricks!

It seems that Covid and lockdowns have taught us that we can be more adaptable than we ever thought we would be. For example, for many of us, foreign holidays have been missed, but we can use this time in a good way, to look forward to making new plans, to consider trying something new and different when we are able to return to travel:

  • For example, does it have to be two weeks in the sun, just because it’s always been two weeks in the sun? Why not view the end of lockdown as the start of some new plans? This may encourage you to plan a 2022 trip to South Africa, or perhaps it might be February in the Alps, learning to ski. 
  • Why not look at some new pastimes? You could find out about that art class you have always considered, perhaps learn to dance or paddleboard. Or how about taking up golf or tennis?
  • This feels like the perfect opportunity to take control of your money and see what a difference it can make to your life and those around you. Don’t just wonder whether you could, but instead, find out how you can! Be intentional with your plans, make things happen and launch dreams!

This is where we feel County can help you make your dreams become reality. In preparation for the next time we meet up with you - or even before - why not have a think about what dreams you would like to become a reality as the future unfolds, so we can help support you in achieving them. This is why we like to remind you that it is not about how much money you have, but what you do with it that matters. 

If you would like to print this article or download it to
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