Lessons from Groundhog Day and Captain Tom

As Covid rates begin to decline and vaccine rates start to increase, things are beginning to look up! But as lockdown continues, it's still easy to feel as though we are living in the movie “Groundhog Day”.

In the movie, Bill Murray plays 'Phil Connors' - a cynical television weatherman reluctantly sent to cover the 2nd February annual event. (NB: film spoiler alert!) He woke up trapped in a time loop, forcing him to relive the same day (2nd February) over and over again. The story unfolds after Phil realises that despite every day appearing the same, he could depart from his cynical and small-minded ways. It’s only when he eventually starts this process and starts putting others first, that his day finally begins to change…

In contrast, we see the example of the late Captain Sir Tom, who passed away on 2nd February, the same day as Groundhog Day.

During lockdown, Captain Sir Tom could have lived, just “getting by”, doing the same-old, same-old. But he chose to think bigger, despite the confines of his home. Pledging to walk a lap of his garden for 100 days before his 100th birthday, he did what he could to raise £1,000 to give back to the NHS. His goal was to support the hardworking and under-resourced NHS in a time of need. However, this would also personally benefit him in 3 ways:

  • it kept him physically active – benefiting his heart
  • it gave him a purpose bigger than himself - good for his mental health
  • it enabled him and others to be part of a bigger story - benefiting his spiritual health.

Seeing Captain Tom’s efforts and thinking others could be inspired by his goal, his daughter, wrote a press release and the rest is history! Click here to open a link – Note: it's necessary to click into the webpage to activate the scroll bar.

But… what if Captain Tom hadn’t set his goal, what if his daughter wasn’t inspired to take action, what if the press release hadn’t been noticed by the Breakfast TV crew or the hearts of the world hadn't been captured?

Obviously, the NHS wouldn’t have received almost £33million, pledged by over 1,500,000 people, the Trust set up in his memory (click here to open a link) wouldn't continue in his legacy and we would have missed out on being inspired by a man in his 99th year who chose to live life to the full, with his biggest adventures ahead of him!

It goes to show that it’s not the confinement of lockdown that prevents us from thriving in life. It’s the limited idea that we have nothing to offer anyone else. This mindset has the potential to make us cynical, small-minded and rob us of life.

I hope the lessons learned from Captain Sir Tom's legacy on this year’s “Groundhog Day” will be an inspiration to us all. Let’s look for opportunities to do whatever small things we can, whenever we can and using whatever resources we have. In doing this, I hope your future prospers, that others are blessed by you and that your best days are ahead of you, too.

Niky Dix  •  niky@intentionalhealth.uk 

If you want to find out more about Intentional Health, including how we help others be intentional about their health and our vision to partner with church-based communities all over the UK, then please also get in touch, or visit our website www.intentionalhealth.uk

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