Seasons of Change

As County prepares to launch an exciting new revised branding and communications strategy, today marks our final “Health and Wealth” blog.

As humans, we often resist change. We like stability and routine and it can feel disorientating when we're faced with anything that disrupts our comfortable patterns, appearing to uproot the established order and challenge our preconceptions.

However, consider that change and “the new” represents one of the most defining beauties of life and human existence. Perhaps the most visible and tangible example of this is the changing of the seasons.

Each season brings its unique set of characteristics, sensations and memories. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal as flowers bloom, trees regain their leaves and the world comes alive again. Summer is the season of warmth and leisure, of long days and short nights, of holidays and outdoor adventures. Autumn is the season of harvest and abundance, of colorful leaves, of splashing wellies in puddles. Winter is the season of rest and introspection, of snowflakes and hot chocolate, of hibernation and reflection.

At this juncture of change and evolution as a business, we at County reflect on the seasons we have known throughout our 38 year history. From the formative years as a new fledgling business, headed up by Peter & Miriam Green in the early 1980s - where they sought God’s wisdom to build a business of integrity, centering fundamentally on relationship and the individual - through to the present day, we see how the business has stood the test of time, encountering seismic regulatory, cultural and industry challenges along the way.

We view each season of County’s evolution as having been imperative to the strength of the business we know by God’s grace today.

It is with this spirit of gratitude that County moves into this new season of growth and revitalisation. Whilst we recognise that change may have felt uncomfortable at times, both for the County team and for our client community, we feel confident that the resultant growth will make County stronger for the future, to be here for you and your families for seasons and years to come.

We hope you will be inspired, just as we are, to appreciate the beauty of each season of life, while also recognising that every season must come to an end, in order for the next one to begin. After all, without seasons and change, life would be stagnant and unfruitful. Embracing the beauty of change and the cycle of seasons can lead us towards a more positive and uplifting perspective on life.

Niky Dix  • 

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