Momentum and More

The UK Government recently announced a move in the Covid-19 guidance from “Stay at Home” to “Stay Alert”. This hints at a movement towards the light at the end of the tunnel for lockdown.

​I think it is a good time to consider what we genuinely want to resume in a “new normal” life?

It is too easy to look back on life-before-lockdown through rose-tinted spectacles. We remember a time when we could do what we wanted, when we wanted. We could go out, visit loved ones and shop without fear, face masks and hand sanitiser!

However, looking back more objectively might help us realise that life advanced at an unrelenting pace that resembled a hamster spinning on a lifestyle wheel, chasing an illusion of “just a little bit more”… more stuff, more meaning, more life happiness… and so on.

​Maybe “more” didn’t make us as happy as we thought and perhaps cost us true contentment?

Inertia propelled us into yet another day, with little time to reflect or evaluate how - and what - we were being driven by. Could this be why oil tycoon, John Rockefeller, when asked “How much money is enough?”, replied “Just a little bit more!”

Maybe “life before lockdown” may not have been working as successfully as we remember it? Now lockdown has collided with the hamster wheel, causing it to come crashing down. Momentum has ceased and the spinning has stopped.

​The extended pause presents an opportunity to reflect on aspects of the lockdown lifestyle that have been good for our souls.

I’ve been reading a timely book called “The ruthless elimination of Hurry”, where the author explores how “staying emotionally healthy and spiritually alive in the chaos of the modern world” happens by slowing down life. Although it was written last year, the book offers a great perspective to some of the old ways of life that have currently been impacted for the better (and it’s only 99p on Kindle at the time of writing this article). Click here for a link.

It seems the poet Tom Foolery has captured some of the same thoughts in his 4-minute Youtube video “The Great Realisation”. Click here for a link.

Of course, there are some of you reading this whose pre-lockdown “wheels of life” spun with a healthy rhythm, who found contentment in enough, and used what they had to bless others. If that’s you, please shine your light brightly as others look for a way out!

For the rest of us, we could use this time to make choices about our future. We could consider where we might be intentional about what we say yes and no to, for a healthier, wealthier post-lockdown! Or we risk unintentionally allowing momentum to propel us into the “spinning life before lockdown”.

Either way, as we stay alert, it’s worth remembering that “not choosing” is still a choice!

Niky Dix  • 

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