Thanks giving or getting?

“Our wellbeing and happiness is strongly associated with gratitude and generosity”

Americans traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving on the third Thursday of November. Recently, around the Western world, the day after Thanksgiving has become known as “Black Friday”. 

Thanksgiving = Being thankful for what you have.
Black Friday = Being consumed by what you can get.

I think these two days perfectly epitomise how differently we can steward our resources, or how our resources can steward us!

Being thankful for what I have

I am often struck by stories on the TV of generosity from some of the poorest countries, stories of people who seem to have very little when it comes to material possessions. However, they are willing to give what little they have to the visiting TV presenters. It seems being generous with what they have brings them true joy and they genuinely appreciate life.

Studies have also shown that people who practise habits of gratitude have better psychological and mental health and increased longevity.

My experience is that I never regret spending money on things I know I need and have budgeted for. I also never regret being generous with giving money away - I know it is good for me! 

Being consumed by what I can get

Contrast this with the stresses and stories of hostility in getting a bargain on Black Friday! 

I’ve watched news programmes of people being arrested for fighting over the last “bargain” TV or “one-off” deal, only available on that day. 

It can be so tempting to become consumed, even seduced by FOMO (fear of missing out) thinking. 

We are so tempted by bargains at sale prices, that can mean we end up coming home with “stuff” that we’ll never use or wear and only bought because it was a bargain. However, this is often at the cost of our peace, being overcome with a stinking attitude or even causing a broken relationship with another human being. The film “Lord Of The Rings” portrays this so well through “Gollum” and his relationship with “My precious”, illustrating just how completely the Ring has consumed him. 

Please don’t hear me wrong… if you know you need a new TV, then it is wise and good stewardship to plan, wait and see if you can get one cheaper on Black Friday - that would even be something to be thankful about! 

But don’t be seduced into buying a television you don’t need and have nowhere to put, just because you can get a bargain! It will probably only cause you and your savings unnecessary stress!

So this month, I’d like to invite you into a small personal health + wealth challenge:

Instead of thinking about what you can get or what bargain you might miss out on, think about what you already have to be thankful for? 

And if that seems easy, then why not take a further step and see what you could give away?

Remember, our wellbeing and happiness is strongly associated with gratitude and generosity! Now that’s something to be thankful for!

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