Years in your life and life in your years

One of County Financial’s main aims is to help steward your finances well, to ensure you don't run out of money before you run out of life, and if possible, to enable you to leave a healthy legacy.

However, County are also interested in helping you to look after the years in your life too, so life can be enjoyed for as long as possible and appreciate this might mean learning to invest something today into our health and wellbeing.

Our money and our health often have an impact on one another and, in many ways, looking after our health can be very like looking after our money.

In our own finances, we are continually making deposits or withdrawals and just like with our finances, our health deposits and withdrawals also have compound interest and the sum of all of our transactions are cumulative or, in other words, they add up.

The difference is that, because we live in a Western, fast-paced, convenience culture, withdrawals from our health are happening without us realising, like a direct debit you don’t even notice that goes out all the time. These include eating processed and calorie-dense but nutrient-poor foods and consuming over-inflated portions on a regular basis. The negative consequences can accumulate at an even faster rate when we don’t counterbalance them with positive actions, like becoming more active, reducing portion sizes and eating a balanced diet.

It’s not just our physical health that is affected: our mental health can suffer just as much too. We can become stressed and worried about things that are outside of our control, we forget to take time to appreciate many of the good things around us or we don’t take time away from the 24-hour access to all of our connected devices.

Let us not forget to explore our ability to maintain good spiritual and emotional health, including our ability to invest in relationships and good healthy communication with others.

The bottom line is that in the same way that County Financial already advise you with your financial lifestyle choices, you can also benefit from being intentional about your whole person health and wellbeing, to ensure you make healthy lifestyle choices.

That’s why we are partnering up with County Financial to bring you “Health + Wealth”: a brief monthly news bulletin that we hope will help you think about being more intentional about your health and wealth, and help your lifestyle choices lead you to more life in your years and more years in your life.

As this is our first “introductory” bulletin, we’d love to ask you two quick questions:

  • tell us one thing you already do intentionally towards your health and wellbeing, and
  • what one aspect or area that you would like to improve?

Please email with your answers and feel free to tell us about any other thoughts or areas you may want to explore to help you be intentional in investing in your health, wealth and wellbeing.

Health Plus wealth resource library

As the months go by we will be building a library of documents which will be accessible here as downloadable PDFs.

To download the first article "Years in your life and life in your years" click this picture.

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